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YES Club

YES Club - Youth Entrpreneurs Social Club is a project under Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the field of youth. It’s a project coordinated by Solidarity Tracks and it will be run between 01.12.2019 and 31.10.2021. 

It’s a continuation of a previous e-learning platform which aims a spreading entrepreneurship among youth in their countires. 


The project: 

This new second phase, named “E-stream” (Entrepreneurship stream), is for:

  • improving the content and services of the club to respond to the progressive needs of the beneficiaries

  • extending to new partners and countries
  • sustaining the impact of this platform, which will strengthen the capacity for implementing social entrepreneurship initiatives among youth.


Why Yes Club? 

Over the past decades, social entrepreneurship has emerged globally as an innovative economic actor combining positive social impact with entrepreneurial spirit at the service of common good. While adressing social, environmental or societal issues, social enterprises also enable the improvement of the inclusiveness of the labour market by creating new job opportunities and encourage participation of different stakeholders in decision making process. 
The success and impact of various social enterprises and the increasing interest in such initiatives worldwide encourage institutions such as the European Commission to promote and support social entrepreneurship development. 
However, despite its growing policy attractiveness, the lack of knowledge and awareness about social entrepreneurship and its benefits among youth, and the lack of existing support for developing specific competences, are the first obstacles in the development of social entrepreneurship among youth in the world.
Due to this situation, it has been developed an e-learning platform on “Youth E-club.eu”. 


Aims of the project 

  • Develop the skills of youth workers & educators , particularly in social entrepreneurship education.

  • Develop the ICT skills of youth workers by training in the use of Moodle.

  • Develop and recognize the pedagogical, civic, technical and entrepreneurial skills of youth entrepreneurship club members in order to facilitate their integration into the labour market through social entrepreneurship, and encourage their initiatives.

  • Develop and promote the virtual club of youth entrepreneurs with services tailored to young people of different abilities, and contribute to the promotion and education of social entrepreneurship among young people: connect young people; create e-learning courses on the topic of social entrepreneurship; foster dialogue between young people and decision makers to promote social entrepreneurship initiatives; broaden the existing international network.

  • Continue to facilitate access to mobility and non-formal learning activities for young people with fewer opportunities.

  • Develop cooperation between youth organizations, education and training institutions, representatives of the business world and the labor market (including entrepreneurs) and decision-makers to improve their synergies and complementarities in the training and support of young people in order to facilitate their insertion in the labor market and in society.

  • Train new e-mentors and build the capacity of the current e-mentors in order to:provide appropriate online support for the beneficiaries of the virtual club and to update the content of the youth entrepreneurship club to meet the evolving needs of its members.

  • Support the social initiatives of young people beneficiaries of the club and make them more visible.


Youth entrepreneurship club

The platform "youtheclub.eu" provides an opportunity for young people aged 17-35 to do something useful for them self and for their community (i.e. create and realize socially innovative project/ initiative, improve their professional skills, become brave leaders and eventually launch their own social business).

Youth entrepreneur's club provides multiple benefits: 

  • contact and building partnership with other young people
  • improving the entrepreneurship skills and profile of the members of the club
  • helping the members to find financial means for the realization of socially innovative project
  • developing the ability of the club members to turn their passion into a job
  • supporting young people members of the club to start social business 

Under the youth entrepreneurship club there are 2 programms:

  1. Youth-E club -seed
  2. Youth-E-club -stream

Youth E-Club-Seed is aimed for youngsters who would like to develop their entrepreneurship skills and profile & define socially innovative project that can answer to one need of their communities

It contains 4 interactive courses:

  • Course I explain how to address social problems in your community and how to find a solutions.
  • Course II provide tools and methods to came with innovative ideas to solve social problem.
  • Course III support learners to know more about social entrepreneurship skills.
  • Course IV gives the opportunuty to learn more about the personal characteristics & skills to become social entrepreneur & how to improve competences.

People who finish successfully this course can go the advanced level:

Youth E-Club -Stream contains 4 courses: 

Course I aims to encourage youngsters to continue “dreaming”about better society and to help them to find innovative solutions for social problems. In this course, the participants need to create a group of their peers, which will write project idea for socially innovative project for their community. The participants who’s ideas is accepted are allowed to prepare their business plan through the youth E club platform.

Course II aims to help youngsters to address social problems on innovative way and to develop high-quality plans for actions in community. The groups have to write on-line project application throughout platform youth. Once the project's team is approved, participants are obligated to find at least half of the required funds in their communities.

In course III participants need to implement their approved project idea in the community.

In course IV participants continue implementation of their projects and need to write project implementation
report. If they are selected, participants entering in Youth-E-club -stream project where they need to develop and run their social business with the help and mentorship of their mentors, which will help them to develop business idea, develop product prototype, test the business idea and finally run the business. 

This is 10 months long process (from idea development to running business). 

The course V will allow to the beneficiaries to evaluate their local initiative and to prepare the starting of their business on the base of the result of their initiative.


Activities of the project: 


  1. 2 days kick-off meeting in Nepal during which representatives from each partner organization will gather for defining the details of the following activities and meeting youth and experts of the club. 7-8/02/2020.
  2. 2 surveys for identifying the evolutive needs in terms of training and support of the current and the future beneficiaries of the platform. 15/12/2019 - 15/03/2020
  3. 10 days training in Greece for previous e-mentors, educators experimented in the education of young people in entrepreneurship, and young leaders, selected among the active beneficiaries of the platform, where additional online training courses will be created for E-stream phase. 20-29/03/2020
  4. Young people will experiment the updated version of the Virtual Club. 25/04/2020 - 30/06/2020
  5. Creation of pedagogical videos to enrich the content of the platform. 01/06/2020  - 30/09/2020
  6. 8 days training in Vietnam for educating future e-mentors of the virtual club. 17-26/10/2020
  7. Creation of 2 user guides for E-stream youth and e-mentors. 01/06/2020 - 31/07/2020
  8. An online Social Initiatives Fair, organized by each partner for supporting local social initiatives among successful participants of E-seed programme. 01/11/2020 – 30/04/2021
  9. A Social Fair Event in each partner country for disseminating the results of the project and promoting the virtual club 02/05/2021- 31/07/2021
  10. 2 days evaluation meeting in Argentina. It will bring together the person in charge of the project of each partner organization and launch a strategy of co-operation in order to ensure the durability of our Virtual Club. 12-12/10/2021

The platform will be accessed by this link: youtheclub.eu

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