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About Mundus

Asociación Mundus is a non-profit organization established in 2013 in Spain. Now it has offices in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), Girona and Zaragoza. Mundus aim is to promote intercultural learning, volunteering and non-formal education. 

The mission of the organization is to prepare young people to successfully meet the challenges of the nowadays society by empowering them through international learning experiences. 

The main activities of Mundus consist in managing international training and mobility projects like internships, volunteering, youth exchanges and training courses. 

In the field of education, our expertise lies on the international mobility VET projects management. Every year we host an average of 1,000 VET students from all professional families who carry out their internships. Mundus is working with a network of companies in Aragon and Catalonia, which are committed to support practical learning of young Europeans. The network includes companies from all professional fields thus making this opportunity available to as many students as possible. At the same time we send around 300 students to carry out their internships in countries of the European Union.

On the other hand, we continuosly work to expand our network and expertise by participating or coordinating long term projects, such as Capacity Building or Strategic Partnerships

In the youth field, we act as hosting, sending and coordinating organisation of the European Voluntary Service and the European Solidarity Corps. Our commitment with youngsters has also brought us to be a reliable sending partner of youth exchanges and training courses. We count on the experience of having sent over 500 Spanish volunteers, and 650 participants to youth projects, and have hosted volunteers annually since 2014.

Mundus is strongly involved in the local community, where it organizes different activities and events. The aim of these activities is to raise awareness related to the benefits of participating in international mobility programs.

Mundus team is formed by people who were at the beginning participants in mobility projects and/or volunteers. Then they grew to become themselves organisers of these types of events and now they are motivated by their own experience to help other youngsters benefit from the same life changing opportunities.   

During the years, Mundus has participated and implemented projects under a wide range of mobility programs like:  Youth in Action, Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, European Social Fund - Youth Guarantee or PON, among others.

We believe that intercultural dialogue and the promotion of the essential values of the society can benefit from international mobilities as a tool to build an inclusive, egalitarian and intercultural society. MUNDUS aims to be a small but powerful engine pushing in this direction.

Mundus strongly believes that values such as lifelong learning education and intercultural dialogue can benefit of international mobility as a tool. This is how Mundus aspires to build an inclusive, egalitarian and intercultural society. Mundus is a small, but powerful engine that gives life to this aim.