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Europe for VET+

Strategic project. Europe for VET+ is a strategic partnership (KA2) funded by the Erasmus + program, and it is about the management and the implementation of Erasmus + mobility projects in the field of Vocational Training (VET). The main objective of the project is the exchange of good practices and the creation and implementation of standards between different agents that host or manage professional training practices abroad. This project results from the collaboration of five European partners, from vocational schools to entities that receive internship students in Europe.



The project

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of the activities in the implementation of the internship programs that the Europe for VET + partners carry out. In particular, it seeks to improve the teamwork quality of each of the entities, educational centers and intermediaries that offer this type of learning mobility and of the management personnel involved within these institutions.

Objectives and results

This project aims to achieve the following objectives and results:

  1. Create a compendium of knowledge about Erasmus+ VET: as the main result of the project, the compendium will be prepared and it will include information on: useful document templates in VET projects (selection forms, questionnaires on the analysis of the needs and expectations of participants, etc.); analysis of potential risks in Erasmus + VET projects; procedures that should be used to accommodate the students; recommended trainings before the departure for the future participants, etc.
  2. Internship programs: professional internships in logistics, construction and mechatronics represent other outcomes that will be carried out. The internship programs will be prepared according to the ECVET system, they will reflect the real tasks carried out by students in a foreign country.
  3. Research: the needs and the expectations of more than 120 students from 4 different countries who have made internship stays abroad will be analyzed through surveys. More than 20 staff members of entities working with Erasmus + VET, in four different countries, will moreover conduct in-depth interviews.
  4. New contacts: the project offers its members the opportunity to organize six international meetings. During these meetings, the partners will have the opportunity to visit other countries, their institutions, companies and entities, and therefore to establish new contacts.
  5. Improvement of the quality in the VET mobility projects: the development of procedures, documents and the management of VET projects is worked out. The objective is to learn how these projects are carried out in other countries in order to adjust the own procedures accordingly.
  6. Development of new projects: during the project, the goal is to better understand the needs and expectations of the students, of the hosting organizations for internships and the sending organizations. In this way at the end of the project we can prepare a more advanced strategic partnership project.

Project actions

1. Kick off meeting, 29-30 of November 2018. Kłodzko (Poland)

2. Partner meeting and study visit,12-14 february 2019. (Malta)

3. Partner meeting and study visit4-5 july 2019. Wroclaw (Poland).


This project is coordinated by the Polish vocational school Zespol Szkol Ponadgimnazjalnych.In addition, the strategic project has four European partners specialized in the reception and mobility management of Erasmus + students from all over Europe: LZNIFOMAsociación Mundus e Improve Away

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