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Youth to change EU, youth exchange in Italy

Youth to change EU, youth exchange in Italy

Last Easter, a team of five trotamundus flew to Turin and Pragelatto (Italy), to be part of the youth exchange "Youth to change EU", organized by the Italian association EufemiaMaite (team leader), Cristian, Júlia, Ana and Usman had the opportunity to share more than a week with young people from various European countries to discuss the issue of European elections and youth involvement in the EU. Do you want to know what they tell us when they return?




If I had to describe my experience with four words I would choose "youth", "desire", "participation" and "awareness". This last word has a lot to do with the objectives of the project: to know, reflect, debate and devise about our political role in society.

The meeting, so diverse in the origins of its participants, took place with fun, unstoppable activity and lively fraternity.

I remember very well the last night, when through a game he had to write to each person an anonymous dedication. What a thrill. Tears jumped. And it is that these spaces bear friendly fruits.

As a group leader, I highlight the work done by all the people who have worked in the organization, especially from Italy, also taking into account the other participating associations and ours, the Mundus Association. There are many hours dedicated to making this possible. Thank you very much for your work.



The week of April 12-20, a week totally different from what was previously lived. Between Turin and Pragelato, charming streets and snow at your feet. Five people from each country, eight different countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, United Kingdom and Belgium. All together to reflect on how we can improve the European Union in different aspects such as education, immigration, communication, sustainable growth or the environment. A lot of energy, many dynamic activities full of laughter and easy learning, activities outside the hotel ... It was curious to see how we looked more than we imagined and how we were so different in other things, join eight different countries to give our opinion and ask something to the European Union.

On a personal level, it is an experience to go with an open mind and want to risk. Clear prejudices and see you in situations where you would not have imagined before, situations that could not occur in any place other than an exchange. I learned not only about the topic we are dealing with in that exchange but also about myself.

And best of all, THE PEOPLE !! Everyone is very nice and creates a magical atmosphere. It was my first exchange and I plan to repeat.



In April 2019, five young people from different parts of Spain (Barcelona, ​​Malaga and La Rioja), traveled by plane to Turin (northern Italy) to spend eight days there. There we met with seven other groups, also of five people each, from different countries (Italy, Belgium, Scotland, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania), and each country had a group leader who was in charge of organizing the activities, among other things, how to attend group leader meetings.

The purpose of this project, promoted by the European Union and Erasmus +, was for these people to meet to discuss different aspects of the EU on very current issues and to have knowledge about the 2019 European elections.

And above all the most important in my opinion, interacting with people from different parts. Apart from the city of Turin, we also spent half the day in Pragelato, a small town in the Alps not far from the city, where we went by coach.

Some of the activities we did were, for example: activities of each country (it was about preparing one or several dynamic activities (and sometimes with role plays) on things related to the project theme (regional conflicts, immigration, etc.) of different durations in order to reach different conclusions seeing how it has developed and discuss in the end about it), intercultural night (each country brought food and drink from their countries and also tongue twisters, dances, songs for karaoke, etc. It consisted of a roulette wheel that rotated in each turn of each country and they had to show what they had depending on the chosen section they had touched. Escape Room (set in a village in Africa), tourist visit to Turin (through an app, between groups we had to visit different places and do different things around the city center to complete the game), University of Turin (the last day we went there to expose what we had done those days and to talk and ask and answer questions with people who would like to come see him. Also one day we went to eat Pakistani food since there were two people (from the group from Italy and Spain) who were from there, so it was like an extra intercultural night).

 And most importantly, free time, where we have a great time socializing and doing all kinds of things.

It has been, without a doubt, one of the best experiences of our lives, the best memories and many new friends.

I have improved my English, I have known other cultures, I have learned many new things, I have improved in teamwork, I have personally improved and I have had a lot of fun.

I would definitely repeat again, I'm already waiting to see another interesting exchange and sign up.

The expenses (transportation, accommodation, meals) are included in the program and are reimbursed (with a money limit, so I recommend buying the ticket soon if you go by plane).



I was very nervous when I arrived in Turin. It was my first European exchange and I really wanted to, but at the same time, some doubts about the project.

I have to add that in a short time I managed to feel comfortable with both my national group and the other European groups. I connected with people of eight nationalities and, despite the diversity, we were all predisposed to know other points of view, learn and contribute our grain of sand to the project with a clearly positive attitude.

The project allowed me to question issues as sensitive and current as immigration and the environment. Inform me about the mobility possibilities we have for young Europeans and deepen the functioning and principles of the European Union.

I was surprised at the amount of resources that exist to learn in a non-formal way and how useful they are at the same time. The same helped me to criticize the current education system, another issue that was debated during these eight days.

I have to end up encouraging young people to enjoy an experience that I will certainly keep in my heart because despite the large group of participants we were able to build and add at all times, respecting all opinions, whether or not they were shared.

Thank you for the opportunity!


Hello, My name is Usman Munawar, I am 20 years old, I am a Higher Degree student.

I took part in an 8-day exchange in Torino and Pragelato (Italy), from 04/12 to 04/20. I have been living those 8 days with people of different nationalities, it has been a wonderful experience, I learned a lot of new things about European Union (EU), I learned new words in new languages, I improved my level of English, I learned a new culture , live with strangers, work in groups and I learned many activities, games, etc.

I already participated in several Erasmus + projects, but this 8-day project, this is where I learned more things. Every time you participate in the projects you learn and improve a lot.

I recommend participating, especially to young people, in Erasmus + because it is a unique experience and is a good opportunity to see the world. Thank you very much to Erasmus + that gives us that free opportunity to learn many things in our life.

Thank you.

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