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This was “Youth Employment in Action II” youth exchange in Romania

This was “Youth Employment in Action II” youth exchange in Romania

Aida Fernández, from Cartagena, 29 years old:

“The exchange in general has been a very enriching experience for me. In the first place, because it has enabled me to travel to a remotely remote place, which I probably would never have visited had it not been for this opportunity. Milcoveni is a very peculiar and charming place.

Secondly, because through activities and contact with people from other countries, I have been able to practice English. I have managed to realize that I can speak in front of many people in another language and make myself understand quite well. For me it has been a challenge in this regard and a test to understand that I can communicate in another language with satisfactory results.

Third and most important, because I have met wonderful people, with whom I have had a lot of fun and I have lived unforgettable moments. Performances, cultural exchanges and activities in general. We created a very nice group that cost us a lot to say goodbye. ”


Francisco Lucas Góngora, Almeria, 24 years old:

Unique experience, where there is no room for intolerance, inequality, discrimination, bad environment or narrow-mindedness. Meet people, cultures, exchange music, dances, meals, life stories, feelings and emotions to the surface for a week. Where to laugh and enjoy go hand in hand with learning and improving not only professionally but also personally. I will clearly repeat this experience that I will never forget.


Irene Hernández, Guadalupe (Murcia), 24 years old:

This project has meant for me the beginning of a new stage. An opportunity to meet, discover and enjoy everything that one is able to learn in just over a week. One of the best ways to train; As far as language and theory are concerned.

However, I think that the most important thing, and what I will highlight above all, are personal relationships. Bring together people of different nationalities, with very different cultures and lives among us and, still, achieve a connection capable of concentrating all the best of each one. Enjoy every moment and squeeze them to the fullest.

As I said, an incomparable experience. Wishing to have another occasion to repeat once and a thousand times.

Thanks for everything.


Sarah Gil, Cartagena, 25 years:

Many people often ask me what I see him traveling for twelve hours to get to a recondito, lost place, without great luxuries and without knowing what I'm going to find.

But what I wonder is how can someone not want to do it. Knowing the Mundus association, in particular, has changed my life. This is what people call madness, I call it adventure, experience, friendship ...

In what other way if I had not dared to enter an inhospitable village of Romania, to know the greatness of its landscapes, the kindness of its people, to make such a large and composed family of people of so many nationalities, that you do not get staying in home. Learn the true sense of tolerance, multiculturalism, friendship.

Have the opportunity to perform as a person, acquiring qualifications, improving your language, your ability to speak in public, teamwork, communication with others.

Life is this, enjoy sharing, knowing and facing your fears, if you do not, you will never know the satisfaction it entails.

During this experience we have been able to move away from modern life. The mobile is no longer your most faithful companion, you have more important things to watch for. And it is amazing to see that the manual labor of the field, of commerce, still subsists and has not all been absorbed by the great industry. During the Youth Employment in Action we have learned to be people with initiative, communication and participatory capacity. But above all we have had the opportunity to share, be supportive and be united. And that, after all, is the most important.


Sandra Sanz, Madrid, 27 years old:

Ce faci? What a pleasure to be able to ask this question to the townspeople who welcomed us in this super-exchange.

It means how are you? What do you do? In Romanian and even if it was the few words I could say, I felt good because thanks to the way of being of the people of Milcoveni, that was enough to start conversation.

It is not my first experience and if I am sure something is that the best of these exchanges is the people, people who cross your life, people from whom you always learn something.

I invite you all to leave, to try this experience because ... who goes, repeats!


Paqui Torres, Elche, 22 years old:

Without doubt an unforgettable experience and worth living at least once in a lifetime. This type that experiences are more than what is seen with the naked eye or you can read, the complicity, coexistence, learning, the environment, the connection and energy that are generated each day make you not only learn skills for your I professional but, for your personal self and grow.

Very grateful to the Mundus organization for giving me the opportunity to participate in this experience, treatment and communication.

I would recommend to all people who like to travel, enjoy diversity and also learn along the way that you do not hesitate to participate.

Thank you 😊

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