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"Act for our Europe", youth exchange in Oeiras

"Act for our Europe", youth exchange in Oeiras

Lidia García, Santa Coloma de Gramenet,23 years:

“Hello, my name is Lidia Garcia and I want to share my exchange experience in Lisbon within the ACT FOR OUR EUROPE program.

On June 19, my partners and I took the flight to Lisbon: a group of 5 people made up of three girls and two boys.

The truth is that I personally had little idea of ​​what would find me there since they didn't give much information about the project, they wanted it to be "surprise."

Once in Lisbon we met the place where we would spend these days "Casa Europa" located in Cruz Quebrada, there we also began to meet the different groups from other countries (Romania, Estonia, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Portugal) .

The truth is that the first days were hard for me since I did not understand very well what we were doing and communication in English was difficult for me, but thanks to the group leader and all the people with whom I shared this experience, the thing was improving day by day.

During the days in Lisbon we participate in different workshops, sports activities, intercultural nights, market in town, tourism in Lisbon and free time. I recognize that there have been good activities and others not so good, but that the general feeling that I get is good.

I highly recommend participating in these projects as it is a way of practicing English, knowing other languages, living in a different place and, above all, meeting wonderful people. So if someone is considering participating in this project, I encourage you to say Yes! ”

Usman Munawar, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 18 years:

“I am Usman Munawar the exchange to Portugal has been very good for me, I had a great time, I liked it a lot, it was my first exchange I liked it a lot, I learned a lot of things, I met new people, I met new cultures, I learned to live alone in another culture, with new people.

I liked this experience, I have good memories with everyone.

I already want to make another exchange. ”

Victor Benito,  El Masnou,  18 years:

“To begin, thank the Mundus association for giving me and my colleagues the opportunity to enjoy an experience as enriching and fun as our exchange in Portugal. Having previously been in several exchange programs of these characteristics and even longer, I have not had problems such as missing or wanting to return home, but just the opposite, I would have liked the program to have been longer in order to have enjoyed many more experiences and to have learned more about different cultures.

My assessment in general is very positive, both the activities and accommodation were very appropriate to the experience itself. Although not everything was perfect, everything was more than prepared for the arrival of new participants from 9 countries.

As for project planning, I could only complain about the first day. I understand that the shelter had to be prepared for such a large number of people but I think they would have to have a little empathy with the participants and give us the opportunity to rest in some space intended for it. As for suggestions to improve the project I only have a great suggestion, sports. Sports activity should be planned in such a way that each country focuses on a certain type of social inclusion. And now a complaint, when we are told that we will have an hour and a half or two to practice sports, I hope to have the opportunity to exercise my body and do a competition where I can feel that feeling characteristic of every athlete when practicing the sport he loves. However, I couldn't get it because nobody wanted to do anything, not even the organizers tried to get it.

Apart from this, the whole program has been wonderful, especially for the help that the organizers have given us when it comes to getting to know other cultures and, especially, that of the exchange country, Portugal.

Of course, the best part of the exchange has been to meet people from other countries, learn more about their culture, tastes and opinions and establish a relationship of friendship that I hope will last a lifetime.

For example, in my experience I have become a great friend of the participants from Bulgaria and Estonia, and especially from Villem, Martina, Alyona and Denitsa. These four people have been so present during my exchange that I have been able to count on them with any external or internal problem that I could have during my exchange, in addition to being able to talk to them at any time and on any subject, although they often helped me on issues. important and gave me great advice that helped me move on. Therefore, I wish I could keep in touch with them for the rest of my life and I would be very proud of myself if I could get it.

Of course, I would like to see all the participants of the program as many times as I could and live similar experiences again. Therefore, I recommend to all the people who are interested in doing this kind of programs to be able to open your mind and horizons much more as a person and to know worlds that you could never have known on your own. ”​

Andrea Devesa,  Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 18 years:

"Hello! My name is Andrea and I was in the Act for our Europe exchange that took place in Lisbon (June, 2016)

 The overall assessment of the experience is that it was very complete, both culturally and personally. The first days were a bit difficult because the schedules were different from what we were used to, the people didn't know each other and others, they were all from different countries, although later, the cultural difference was the best of everything.

 We did a lot of cultural activities, my favorite ones were undoubtedly the intercultural nights, which consisted of presenting the country, bringing typical food from it, and having a good time learning about that country.

 Although at first you have a bad time, when you finally adapt, you realize that going there was a good idea. What if I would repeat? Yes, definitely. 10 days in another country, you know other cultures, you meet new people, you learn a few words in another language, and much more. ”



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