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YESII, youth exchange in Bulgaria

YESII, youth exchange in Bulgaria

What can happen when 46 artists from ten different countries come together in a youth exchange about dance? We already show you some of the results of this cocktail in  this video. Now, Dahiana Córdoba, the leader of the team that we send from Mundus, tells us from within the experience in this beautiful text in which no detail escapes her. Wonderful, great team!




When I arrived in Sofia in the morning, full of expectations, doubts and eager to experience I found Manuel, a very nice Sevillian to do a city tour. Thanks to this initiative we had our first contact with the Bulgarian culture and with the most representative elements of the capital's surroundings.

As the morning progressed, more participants were arriving. I remember that the first to arrive was Sara, who immediately conveyed a sense of maturity and inner peace, told us about her experience in other exchanges and with these stories our desire to start this new adventure together grew. Once the ice is broken with Sara and Manuel, we show up at the station to receive Maria (characterized by her punctuality), Paula (with her tenderness and laughter) and Nuria (with her contagious laugh and with her let's see simple things), They had come together from Barcelona.

We took a bus to Sandanski, without understanding a Bulgarian word, which meant that adventures and funny situations arose during the journey. 22:00 at night, three groups (Greeks, Italians and Macedonians) were already at the hotel. The first interactions were developed in an open and comfortable environment. Finally, as is logical in a group of artists, we ended up dancing and attending the first improvised workshop of Boxing and Popping, new and unknown styles for us that seemed fully established in young people from other countries.

The next day we completed the Spanish team with the arrival of Felix, unique for his joy and perseverance in the rehearsal. It was a day to get to know each other and increase the level of trust between the groups, a multicultural amalgam from 7 different countries (Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Spain). This initial day of coexistence ended with the ‘’ Bulgarian night ’’, a thematic night in which we could taste the typical Bulgarian dishes. Also, on this day we could enjoy live music and dance from `` Kivo Horo '' (typical folklore of the country) to `` Kuduro Dance '', where we show a great enthusiasm that influenced us very positively, since we encourage the rest to dance.

Rehearsals, with many different ideas and wanting to make our presentations for the "just dance competition", one of the first challenges arose: to combine all the styles within our artistic representations. Every morning we used to go to formative actions of personal growth and non-formal education, which was increasing our degree of acceptance with other cultures. In the afternoon we divided the group between artists, PR / Social Media and cameramen, once the responsibilities of each one were structured, we set off. We already had in mind how we were going to develop the intercultural night; We were sure it would be very enriching. Between sangria, marzipan, chorizo, ham, “tumaca bread”, Manchego cheese…, also a veleño sandwich and choclitos (originally from Colombia), a fun night was experienced, especially when our group made the presentation of the customs of Spain. To the rhythm of flamenco and cumbias, we made our first folk performances. Later we enjoy impressive melodies composed of great musicians, composers and choreographers, we dance and share our talents, thus creating an indelible mark on our hearts.

Trasnochos creating choreography, singing, dancing, makeup costume makeup we put forward 3 shows: Pimpinela singing (Manuel and Sara), Rosalia / hip-hop fusion (Paula, Nuria and Maria), Folkloric Mapale (Dahiana and Félix). Those that we present on the stage of the auditorium, occupying the third place in Mapale.

Oh surprise! When they told us that all the dancers from different countries for the ‘’ Balcan Youth Festival ’’ would make a show. Joining efforts we perform a fusion representation of salsa, hip-hop and classic in a theater, in order to transmit and spread a message pensar ’think, act, change’ ’. I realized that working and cooperating to promote initiative in the social sphere was a personal challenge. One way to achieve this goal is to participate in these types of projects.

In this experience as a group leader I put my creativity, responsibility and better energy. I returned with a suitcase full of memories, pleasant emotions, as well as a baggage at the level of social and personal skills (decision making, conflict resolution, overcoming communication barriers, group coordination ...), creativity, body expression and solvency to act in public. Many of these situations will become part of me and will help me in the future.

I thank Mundus for this opportunity, the host organization in Bulgaria and of course each of the participants who made this possible.

Many times!!!

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