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Volunteering at LŽArche Brussels (closed project)

13/06/2017 Other news
Volunteering at LŽArche Brussels (closed project)

Volunteering in Belgium. We are looking for volunteers over 18 years old (without age limit) who want to help and be part of the community of L´Arche Internationale en Bruselasa center of attention and coexistence for people with functional diversity. This project is not an EVS (so if you have already done one you can also request it) but it covers basic expenses (travel, accommodation, food, pocket money, language course ...). Read on to learn more and know how to send us your request.


Since January 2018 (10-12 months).

What exactly does the project cover?

  • Accommodation: single room in the residence.
  • Round trip: maximum of € 200, (€ 100 per way)
  • Food and local transportation
  • Pocket Money: € 140 per month
  • French course
  • Liability insurance
  • Issuance of an International Volunteer Certificate
  • Possible visit to other L´Arche Internationale centers for a week (eg to the United Kingdom)
  • 7 hours / week training course


L´Arche is an international federation that manages different projects for people with intellectual disabilities. Volunteers from all over the world participate in L´Arche who, together with people with functional diversity, live and learn from each other.

The community of L´Arche offers the possibility of living a unique experience, in which you will live together with other volunteers from around the world, professionals and people with functional diversity.

In our federation, we give special value to cultural, social and generational exchange and, above all, we learn from each other.

Our volunteers are committed to respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN) and the chapter of the Arche in reference to the United Nations Convention.


The l´Arche project is based on living together and working together with people with functional diversity in learning. Living and working implies and implies reciprocity. And this is an essential part of the pedagogy of l´Arche.

- Caring for and accompanying adults with intellectual disabilities in their specific activities (helping them with tasks that they can no longer do for themselves, their illness or their age).

- Support them in contact with the social environment (families, friends, local organizations that cooperate with l´Arche, etc.).

- Help them with their household chores and daily activities (craft workshops, body expression, etc.).

- Animation during your free time and leisure.

- Organize all kinds of activities with other members of the community, opening contacts with other organizations that work in the field of exclusion.

- Work with a multicultural team of people from different social, cultural and philosophical backgrounds.


-L´Arche covers accommodation (single room in a house), food, transportation costs (up to € 200) and insurance for volunteers. Each volunteer will receive a pocket money of 140 euros per month.

-L´Arche offers French courses for volunteers (from September to December or from February to May).

-L´Arche is responsible for providing “responsabilité civile” insurance.

-The person who volunteers is responsible for obtaining medical coverage (European health card) in their country of origin. However, l´Arche is responsible for medical insurance costs up to € 200/300, if necessary.

-The time of stay is, ideally, between 10 and 12 months. You will work a maximum of 37 hours per week (spread over 5 and a half days) and you will have two vacations for each month worked (cumulative).


-The age (as long as you are of legal age), your language level and your previous training are not an impediment.

-They need someone with capacity and motivation, open to work with people with different abilities and with a lot of listening skills.

-You must be motivated to live in a community and get involved at all levels.

How to opt for a place?

Send us your CV + motivation letter in French or English to envios@asociacionmundus.com specifying your date preferences with the subject:

“Volunteering - L´Arche"

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