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"The way behind", a project to raise awareness about the situation of refugees

09/05/2017 Other news
"The way behind", a project to raise awareness about the situation of refugees

A group of EVS's have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance a documentary about the situation of refugees. The project, which will focus on the European countries where the largest refugee camps are located, aims to awaken sleeping consciences and show us the humanitarian crisis faced by people fleeing from their countries of origin, whether due to war or because of the social conditions that live there. The benefits they get with the documentary will go to NGOs that work with refugees and in immigration camps.

As they report, "according to the UN Refugee Agency, last year 1 out of every 113 people in the world was an asylum seeker, displaced or refugee. The general report highlighted that an average of 24 people per minute had been forced to leave their homes and seek asylum in other regions, inside or outside their borders. In 2015, around 12.4 million people became displaced due to conflicts in their nations or persecutions. Among them, 8 million displaced in their own countries and 1.8 million abroad. "

In the presentation text of the project "The Way Behind" they propose "to raise awareness among the spectators, who at the same time will be helping the cause of the refugees (...) filming micro-documentaries lasting around 5-7 minutes and publish them on YouTube. "

They will do this through a trip from Bulgaria, through the refugee camps of Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Italy, thus creating "a metaphor for the long way back.


The team's philosophy is to "show the most humane part of this problem by avoiding government facilities and measures." To do this, they will sit down and talk to people who have fled their countries, both adults and children, and highlight the role of organizations that carry out humanitarian work.

"In total, we will spend around 26 days traveling, filming, editing and uploading chapters. In this way all the spectators will be traveling with us and, at the same time, they will be helping this cause."

If you want to know more about this project you can visit their Facebook page:


And if you are interested in collaborating with them, you can do it through their crowdfunding page:


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