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Training course "The IDEA" in Lefkada

Training course "The IDEA" in Lefkada

The trotamundus Dylan Velasco tells us his experience in the training course "The IDEA", which was held in Lefkada in January. He, Margarita and Belén were our ambassador team in Greece in a project that used theatrical techniques as methods of social inclusion.



Adventure in Lefkada!
On the way to the long trip to Lefkada I found Margarita at the airport, a free soul that transmits good vibes from the moment you see her and also a program participant. It came from Murcia and we had the same flight from Barcelona to Greece. Once in Greece, we met at the bus station towards Lefkada with Bethlehem, another participant of the program from which we had many things to learn, not only because of his way of being to make everything fun, but also because it was like our reference in the whole program since it had been in more projects.

After five hours of traveling by bus, Solidarity Tracks was waiting for us with pizzas, and we saw how other participants arrived. When I saw them, I didn't think we would end up creating a bond as strong as the whole group did.

The next morning we started with the training course focused on non-formal education through theater. These sessions were taught by Izabella (more focused on theater) and Pierre (using the technique of laughter mixed with yoga to increase the hormone of happiness).

Their ways of teaching and transmitting passion for what they do made the 30 participants from different cultures that we were, although we had never had contact with the theater, would make us want to participate and believe what we wanted to convey.

The first night we organized a cultural exchange dinner where each country that participated gave a taste of typical food of its origin. We, as we came from different parts of Spain, prepared different snacks from where we came from and prepared sangria (which triumphed, by the way, but nothing to do with Polish vodka).

As the days went by, in the group we were getting more nail and meat. The activities they taught us to unite, to respect each other, to support us and to prepare ourselves to implement non-formal education activities for a group of people with functional diversity who came.

When we participated with the functional diversity group, it filled us all; We realized how important non-formal education is and the power of music, theater and dance. See how people had fun, took part in the project, danced despite their difficulties, gratified us and marked us all. At that time we were more united than ever, and prepared for the next challenge: to represent a small 15-minute play to teach what we had learned and for the public to interact.

We take advantage of the different languages, the different abilities of each of us and without understanding each other orally, we understood and coordinated through feeling what we were doing and we managed to create a show where the audience enjoyed it and participated. That day we also left with enormous gratitude.

For me, and the other participants in Spain will agree, not only did the training, or what we live, fill us, but the people we were, the group we created. Being able to take a little of each person we met has made us grow personally. See how they looked at everything with enthusiasm, with enthusiasm, and valued every part of you that neither you had noticed, make every moment in training and in the bar unique and fun and have something of them to learn is an experience That fills you with abundance. In this text I highlight some friends we took: Serena (Italy) and Carlota (Portugal).

Just as it filled us with abundance, it filled us with sadness to have to leave, and more Margarita and I, that we were leaving first thing in the morning. But the adventure wasn't over here. We returned by taxi from Lefkada to Athens with Jessica (Italy) and we almost didn't arrive! But don't panic, because a good family of a taxi driver in exchange for helping them deliver some olive trees took us on the way to the airport and we had a very good trip.

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