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Rayhan, Erasmus + practices with Mundus: "Erasmus can change your life"

21/09/2017 Traineeship
Rayhan, Erasmus + practices with Mundus: "Erasmus can change your life"

Erasmus + practices. We share the testimony of Rayhan Ali Khan one of the students of FP of Santa Coloma de Gramenet who this year has gone with Mundus to do his internship abroad.


Hello everyone,

My name is Rayhan Ali Khan. I am from Bangladesh and I live in Spain for 7 years. The year 2016 was the first time I went to Erasmus in Germany. Before going to Germany I was very afraid as I did not know the German language. But in the end when I arrived in Germany I adapted with a little English and then I learned a little German and it went very well. I had a very nice Erasmus partner. And I also met many Germans and they are very nice. I have learned many things about language as well as culture. Germany has nothing to do with Spain is very different. It seems to be another world. He had a great experience, I had a great time.

This year I have come to Italy. Before coming here I was very discouraged. I thought I will have a hard time. But the opposite has happened to me. The companions of the residence are very good companions. The company that I was doing the practice did not like the job so much because it is not of my level. But I have had colleagues who are very nice with their behavior, I have adapted to the company. I get along very well with them. It is a company called Cultura Popolare.

I have also met very nice Italians. One day we went to a city called Cesena and on the way back we missed the last train. So I and my friends were very worried, I did not know what to do or how to return to the residence because it is far away. In the end we went to ask 2 Italians one of them is called Lucas and the other person is called Lidia. We have asked how we can return to Forlí so he told me that at that time there is no train or bus to return to the residence. Then they told us that they will accompany us with their car. As we did not have another altrenative to return to our residence we went with them. Along the way, I and my partner were talking about them who have done a great favor for us.

We also had to do one thing for them. And in the end when he gets out of his car and we have offered to stay for a day to have a coffee then they have responded: "don't worry". They said if you want after 2 weeks they will take us to visit the mountain of Cesena. Then we have freaked out. And after 2 weeks we went with them to see the mountains with their car. We wanted to pay for gas but they have not left.

We have also met an Italian family who invited us to go to the beach. Thus we have met many people. So every day we met some new ones. If I keep explaining everything I've done on Erasmus I can't finish. I freak out with the people I am meeting day by day. They are very good people. They have a very big heart. I will never forget those people are forgettable things.

I have had a great experience. It is an amazing experience. Thanks to Mundus for giving me that opportunity to come from Erasmus. Next year I will repeat again. Thank you very much Roger, Alberto, Lorenzo, Adele, Ana, Juan, etc. To all of Mundus and Uniser. Also all Uniser people for their help, support, trust etc. Thanks to Enrico, Cesilia, etc.

Advice for others. I have had a great Erasmus experience. It is an experience that you cannot have until you leave Erasmus. From here you can learn many things. You can have experience of living alone. You can meet new people and new cultures, you can learn new languages, you can have many opportunities. It is not a trip or vacation, it is a second life. It’s not a trip or vacation, it’s a second life. You have to take that opportunity. Erasmus can change your life.

Thank you very much Erasmus +, Mundus and Uniser.

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