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"Take a Risk", Erasmus Plus course in Turkey

"Take a Risk", Erasmus Plus course in Turkey

Erasmus + experience in Turkey. From April 2 to 14, Berta participated with Mundus in the Erasmus + “Take a Risk” training course in Marmaris, Turkey. Here below we leave the testimony and photos of Berta in this experience.

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Photographs and text: Berta López Izquierdo

In Turkey, despite its legislative instability, there is a law that everyone respects, which can be seen at street level, among its citizens and among those tourists and travelers who visit it; "live and let live". And in Turkey we felt that we could do everything we were invited to do and more.

"Take a Risk" has not only been a training course project, it has been a whole life experience where we have been able to break prejudices and stereotypes, we have been able to meet people from remote countries such as Belarus and we have lived with the Same feeling of wanting to learn and grow as people.

During these 9 days of the project there have been more feelings that I have experienced than the days it has lasted. It has also been thanks to the organization of the Turkish welcome association, which have made us express our thoughts to any situation, inviting us to speak and reflect on any experience lived throughout this course.

"Take a Risk" has been a project that started with the intention of inviting young Europeans to raise their entrepreneurial ideas and to study how to carry them out. The dynamics to learn what are the different mental processes to develop ideas, to communicate and to lose the fear and give the push we need for it have been constant.

We have been invited to meet, collaborate with each other, to discuss different ideas, to put ourselves in situations outside our comfort area. And from all this ... led to experience, what has been the result?

1. Live for 9 days in a beautiful city such as Marmaris, located in southwestern Turkey, caressed by the Aegean Sea.

2. Living with young people from 12 different countries - Bulgaria, Turkey, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Armenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Spain - and learn more about their cultures.

3. Survive two days of route through the mountains of Turunç, south of Marmaris. Where the views of the Aegean Sea and the ruins of ancient cities have accompanied us along the way.

4. In addition to meeting the fauna and flora company that preserves this area.

5. And sleep under a movie sky

6. To dare to do everything we wanted. And it is that the Turkish organization considered the key free time to know, not only the province in which we were (Mugla), but also our colleagues.

So, we decided to drive to Akyaka, considered the most beautiful city in the area.

And this is how we fell in love with Turkey.

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