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Sergi Marín tells us about his internship experience in Italy

11/06/2019 Traineeship
 Sergi Marín tells us about his internship experience in Italy

Erasmus+ VET. Sergi Marínis a student of the  Escola Pia de Balmes and did the internship in Italy thanks to an Erasmus + scholarship. From November to March he had the opportunity to learn with the team of Officine 8K, a programming company located in Bologna. After four months there he tells us how his experience has been.


From the first moment they told me in the center where I have studied the last two years the opportunity to leave for Erasmus, I did not think too much, the next morning to discuss it with my parents I said yes.

Although they were still not very convinced, since for me it meant leaving (temporarily, at least at the beginning) the university. The truth is that this process was incredibly fast. So much, that a month I was already in Italy.

For me, who had never been so long on my own, it was time to put the batteries, even more reason being in another country, without having any idea how to communicate in Italian. And not only that, it also influences the coexistence of the day to day, in my case I was sharing floor only the first month of the four I have been out.

Although we were all Spanish on the floor and that facilitates communication in the house, we did not always understand each other or we could be at ease.

For me, the best of the experience, without a doubt, has been my stay at work. The reception I received was very good, getting to feel really comfortable.

As a programmer I have been working on different projects focused on virtual reality, so that I have not only enjoyed the environment in my workplace, but I have also enjoyed what I have been doing, it has been a lot of incredible moments and Amazing people I've met.

To be honest, if I regret something, I have not learned much Italian, since from the beginning I have been communicating in English to be able to clearly understand what my work was to do during my stay, leaving Italian for the rest of situations.

In my days off I took the opportunity to know everything possible in the country, traveling to places like Trieste, Venice (several times), Padova, Bologna, Florence and Rome.

I've also met other Erasmus students, so it's been a non-stop!

Apart from this wonderful experience, I also have the possibility of staying in the office working, offering for me, what I consider the opportunity of my life. So I hope to return soon and continue enjoying this adventure.

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