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Renata and Alicja [My Erasmus + VET experience]: "It's like becoming an adult for a few days"

21/02/2018 Traineeship
Renata and Alicja [My Erasmus + VET experience]: "It's like becoming an adult for a few days"

My Erasmus + VET Experience. Renata and Alicjia are two Polish students of a computer training cycle. Both together with other colleagues have spent the first weeks of 2018 in Zaragoza doing internships in different companies in Zaragoza. In your case they have been helping and learning in  Grupo SIRT.These students belong to the technical school  Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych im. Adama Mickiewicza w Lubaniu.

Describe yourself in one sentece.

Renata: I'm friendly, helpful and I love reading books. Alicja: I'm full of energy, kind and I enjoy learning new things.

What are you doing in SIRT?

We are configurating switches.

How do you feel there? Do you enjoy working with your colleagues?

We feel very good working with each other. Our boss is really nice for us and gives us tasks, so we can learn something new.

Describe us shortly how do you spend a working day here.

Shortly after we arrive to work we switch on the devices and start to do tasks given us by our boss. Most of the time we just configure switches. During the working day we take a short break to eat something.

Which was your funniest moment since you`ve arrived in Spain?

Some situations created jokes that only we and our friends, that were with us on internship in Spain, will understand ;)

What do you do during your free time?

We watch TV series, read books, go on walks, go sightseeing, go shopping or play games (computer or tabletop).

How do you find Spain? According to you, which is the biggest difference between Spain and your country?

We like Spain because of its climate and its interesting culture. We enjoy trying new dishes and going to new places. The biggest difference in our opinion is that people in Spain seem to be calmer than in Poland, it seems they are never in a hurry.

What about Zaragoza? Do you like the city? What is your favorite place here?

We think that Zaragoza is really beautiful. We love its architecture and public transport (It's really well organised). Our favorite place is Plaza del Pilar.

How does it feel to live and have an intership abroad?

It feels good to try living on your own, beeing more independent than ever earlier. It was also good opportunity to test our language and working skills.

Do you think that more young people should participate in projects like yours? Why?

We think young people should participate in projects like Erasmus, because it's a great experience, that cannot be replaced by anything else. It's like beeing an adult for a short amount of time before even finishing your education.

If you want to share something more, you can do it here! :)

Could we stay here a little longer? ;)​


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