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Pilar Aparicio, VET project coordinator in Zaragoza

19/11/2018 About
Pilar Aparicio, VET project coordinator in Zaragoza

We continue to introduce the great people who work at Mundus. Now it's the turn of Pilar, our Zaragoza-based VET project coordinator (FP internship abroad) in Zaragoza. Pilar is responsible, among many other things, for taking care of every detail in the reception of students arriving from European institutes to carry out their internships in Aragon companies. Do you want to know more about her? Ahead!

What is your role in Mundus?

VET host coordinator.

One reason why you like Mundus

The work environment and work related to young people


Personality test

A song you can't stand

Any of maximum machining

Your favorite ice cream flavor

Mint with chocolate :)

A book you would read again

The Etruscan Smile, by Sampedro

Something you can't stand

People who walk slowly down the street and don't let you pass

An unconfessable mania

I think I don't have any. I think.

An indispensable work tool

Post it. I have the whole table full of them.

A destiny to lose you

Any country in Latin America

If you were an animal what would you be? Why?

A cat. Sleeping 20 hours a day is my dream

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