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"Peers for Peace II", Erasmus + training course in Macedonia

"Peers for Peace II", Erasmus + training course in Macedonia

Erasmus + experience in Macedonia. From November 12 to 19, Marta, Bea and Sara represented MUNDUS in the second part of the training course "Peers for Peace" which took place in Struga, Macedonia. This project has been aimed at raising awareness about the factors that determine discrimination based on religious beliefs. In June, the same international participants participated in the first part of the project that took place in Arad (Romania). We leave you with their chronicle and photos.

Beatriz Casares:

"This second part of Peers for Peace has been like a breath of fresh air. Not only because of the beautiful place we were in, where achieving personal peace no longer seemed like a challenge, but because of the motivation it has given me to continue believing that things can still be changed and that we have a fundamental role, being able to stop looking and acting.

It has been personally enriching especially when giving and receiving feedback from our partners. Not only did I have a great experience, but also great friends whom I am very glad to have met.

Sara Pérez:

The second part of the training course 'Peers for Peace' exceeded my expectations. Over a week we repeated the activities we did in the first part in Romania but organized by ourselves, which helped us to continue our work as co-facilitators. I have found in this course another part of me that I did not know through new activities that made me think about what I was not used to thinking about.

Also, it helped me to improve team dynamics and to collaborate with colleagues with whom I have different points of view. Both the trainers and each companion brought me something new and helped me develop my ideas about the value systems of today's world or about different political visions. Again it was an experience 10, for the professionalism of the team that worked in an environment of tolerance and respect.

Marta Albújar:

If I had to define this Training Course in one word, it would be "inspiring." First of all, because of the magical place we were in. Second, to meet again wonderful people, with different concerns and projects; It was very enriching to share points of view with all these people, get to know some of them more thoroughly, and "re-know" others.

Another reason why I found this inspirational course is because, personally, it not only gave me the tools to follow in a path that lately deceives me and motivates me more and more, but also because it gave me the emotional thrust that I need to continue doing it. It is amazing how a group of people, in just one week, can become so useful in the same professional and personal life, empowering all of us in such a simple and at the same time so blunt way.

Participating in "Peers for Peace" has made me realize that I am not only able to guide work sessions for social inclusion, but also that I am increasingly prepared for it and sure of myself to do so; and to do it well.

I have nothing but words of thanks to the organizations and people who have made this possible, and I am looking forward to launching everything I have learned.

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