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"On (the) line for acting offline", Erasmus + exchange in Vienna

"On (the) line for acting offline", Erasmus + exchange in Vienna

From June 26 to July 2, Isabel, Martín, Patricia, Janira, David and Javier participated with Mundus in 'On (the) line for acting offline', an Erasmus + exchange on the use of media and social networks for campaigns social events that took place in Vienna (Austria) organized by MladiinfoAustria.

As was? Well, we let them tell you. Here you will find a video made by Isabel Luque and a text by David García.


The Spanish team of participants in the 'On (the) line for acting offline' exchange that took place in the Austrian capital was very heterogeneous but shared the illusion of being part of it. None of us knew Vienna before. On the other hand, we were familiar with social networks and their use, as well as with youth activism to a greater or lesser extent, the theme on which the experience pivoted. In addition to learning all the secrets of Facebook and how we monitor each click or each scroll, we find that the capital of Austria is a monumental and architecturally beautiful city.

The countries participating in the project, in addition to ours, were Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia and Lithuania, which meant that we Spaniards are in an almost entirely Slavic environment. Navigating between clichés and clichés, integration was more than easy and, while some of us learned what a 'slav squad' is, others discovered the cultural and linguistic diversity of Spain. In addition to the good general predisposition to socialization, an unforgettable 'Intercultural Night' (or rather, 'Intercultural Afternoon', due to Austrian schedules), where we exchanged food, drinks and traditions of each country, definitely blurred the borders.

We had the bad luck of spending one of the hottest weeks of the year in Vienna in a country that is not used to high temperatures. The hours in the classroom were hard at times, but the outdoor games that were interspersed between the master classes enlivened the day. Not having dinner included in a country not exactly cheap as Austria - at least for a Spanish pocket - was not a point in favor. However, it was compensated by the fact that we had maximum freedom of movement every afternoon after four or five, a fantastic gift for sightseeing and to strengthen relations between the participants in the exchange.

For most it was the first time we participated in a project of this nature. The balance is clearly very positive. We learned, we did tourism, we met very diverse people and we lived a week with few hours of sleep but full of emotions.

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