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Meet Ruth Palacios, volunteer coordinator at Mundus

05/11/2018 About
Meet Ruth Palacios, volunteer coordinator at Mundus

We introduce you to Ruth Palacios, our volunteer program coordinator at Mundus. This Catalan is an inveterate traveler. At eighteen she left her small town on the coast of Barcelona to live in the city. Since then, she has not stopped moving through different places, and today she continues to dance for the world. She has been a Mundus collaborator since 2016, but now we have her full time in the office. You still don't know her? Keep reading!

Who is Ruth?

A citizen of the world who is still looking for her site today. Why limit yourself to only one having so many corners? I am passionate about small things, and those that do not cost money: a smile, a hug, a dance, a song, a walk, a good book.

What is your role in Mundus?

Fighting daily with the fears and insecurities that our society transmits to young people, sometimes preventing them from opening their wings and exploring the world. If something makes me feel good in this small big family, I have the opportunity to help many young people to live an experience that they will hardly forget. So if you don't know where to start to turn your life around, I propose something ... do a European volunteer! ;)

One reason why you like Mundus

The closeness of the people who form it, its simplicity and complexity together, the different profiles that exist and how much they rely to row in the same direction.


Personality test

A song you don't stand:

Any that does not have more than a couple of sentences and they are repeated, and if it has an even worse twitching rhythm ...


Your favorite ice cream flavor

Ferrero Rocher (and of course not everywhere they have it… failing that, chocolate)

A book you would read again

The voices of the desert (Marlo Morgan)

Something you can't stand

The falsehood and the screams

An unconfessable mania

The unconfessable will still be (hehe!), But I can't get out of bed without drinking water, or go to bed without a bottle nearby

An indispensable work tool:

Kindness and education

A destiny to lose you

Boca del Cielo (Mexico)

If you were an animal what would you be? Why?

A butterfly. I find them beautiful, elegant, subtle, they live in nature and can fly

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