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Meet Hugo Fernández, Mundus project coordinator in Aragon

17/10/2018 About
Meet Hugo Fernández, Mundus project coordinator in Aragon

Hugo Fernández Navarro (who is not from Pamplona, but from Zaragoza capital) says he is a very normal boy, but in reality he does everything from running a hundred kilometers running to learning to train dogs. That, or anything that comes to mind. Well that, normal, right? With all of you ... Hugo!

Who is Hugo?

Hugo is a normal boy who likes to always do different things. As soon as he is able to run 100 km running (really) like reading a book at once, how to learn canine training or anything he can think of. He also likes to talk about history, geography and art.

What is your role in Mundus?

My role in Mundus is that of Aragón project coordinator.

One reason why you like working at Mundus:

I love it because there are always new things to do, learn or new places to go and new people to contact.


Personality test

A song you don't stand:

Reggaeton could be candidates but we all dance so I opt for "The style of the Anguilla" by Peter Languila. A great composer but I think that this song does not fit.


Your favorite ice cream flavor:

Without a doubt, yogurt, banana and strawberry.

A book you would read again:

The invisible frontier, by Kilian Jornet.

Something you can't stand:

People who are bothered by silence and cannot remain silent.

An unconfessable mania:

I am unable to have the bedside table tidy. There you can find from used batteries, front, sunglasses, helmets, clips, coins, batteries ... Everything that remains in the pocket before throwing myself on the bed.

An indispensable work tool:

Have a team that supports you.

A destination to lose yourself:

Nepal. At some point in my life I will get lost there.

If you were an animal what would you be? Why?

It would be a wolf, independent and familiar in equal parts and with many kilometers to travel.

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