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Machi, EVS in Spain: "It is the best thing I could have done in this period of my life"

Machi, EVS in Spain: "It is the best thing I could have done in this period of my life"

Andromachi Kanellaki, known by her friends as Machi, tells us about her experience as a volunteer in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona. A little over a month ago, Machi, 28, decided to travel from her native Greece to begin her project as EVS. Don't miss her interview!

Hi Machi! Tell us what you are doing here in Barcelona:

I will be here for 6 months and part of my homework is to attend some English courses for young people who are going to participate in summer programs similar to mine, in addition to attending the linguistic coffee that takes place one day a week, where we meet with people who He wants to improve his English. We also go to different centers with children who are in a more disadvantaged situation and we help educators there. And volunteers have the opportunity to create our personal project, which may be something similar to a “workshop”, or something different, such as participating in street festivals that we will organize.

Why did you decide to join the European Volunteer Service?

Because I finished my career and my master's degree, and I was looking for a job for three years in my country but I couldn't find it, and as I always wanted to move to another country for a while, I decided to take the opportunity and join the EVS.

Are you doing any personal projects now?

Yes, I have an idea that I have told my supervisor. For now we are trying to organize it. I collaborate with the Mundus Association two days a week, another two days I go to open centers and then at home I dedicate myself to organizing my personal project.

I guess you are meeting people from many different places ...

Yes. The program has provided me with a room for my stay in a house where I live with other volunteers from Romania, Macedonia and Portugal. And we are also meeting other program participants who are from Italy. But also people who are from Barcelona. Last week, for example, we did an “arrival training” where we met people from other countries who are doing the program in other cities in Spain. I think it is a good opportunity to live something different and get used to sharing different cultures. And, of course, to try to know Spain and learn the language.

Have you been to Spain before?

Yes, the first time I came here was 10 years ago and I visited Barcelona for a few days, but it is the first time I live here.

What do you like most about living in Barcelona?

I have not been there for a long time and I am still trying to get to know the city and its different neighborhoods, but what I like most is that there are many things to do and there are very different areas, not just the tourist part. I also like that it is a city with a beach, and that the center is well connected, so you can walk and visit it better.

Why would you recommend to people to perform a European Voluntary Service?

Because I think it is a very good way to live in another country and have the experience of doing a job, but without having all the responsibilities that a real job has. It is also a way to meet other people and to live independently. And also, in a European Voluntary Service you do not have to pay anything, they pay you for food, house, transport ... For me it is being the best thing I could have done in this period of my life

If you want to follow the example of Machi and participate in a volunteer, do not think about it anymore, this is your moment!

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