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Joana, EVS in Barcelona: "It is an experience that is valid for a lifetime"

Joana, EVS in Barcelona: "It is an experience that is valid for a lifetime"

Today we introduce you to our partner Joana Maria, 23, who is doing with us a European Voluntary Service. She arrived at the Mundus Association 3 months ago from Lisbon, and since then she collaborates with us in the communication section. If you want to know how her experience is going, don't miss her interview!

Why did you decide to do a European Voluntary Service?

I studied plastic and multimedia arts and was looking to go outside to do something related to art or go to a place that was related to art, for example Barcelona. I saw this place, I made the request, and four days later I was here.

And why did you choose this place in  Mundus Association?

I thought it was a good opportunity, and in the interview they did on Skype I liked the atmosphere. That's why I decided to come.

What functions do you perform here?

I am mainly helping out in communication. I do the graphic part, I take the Instagram of the association, the newsletter, some posters and infopacks ... I do a bit of everything.

And is it helping you to develop in your profession?

Yes. The truth is that I am a little surprised because until now I did not like graphic design to work on it, but here I am very happy to do that kind of work.

And how about people in Barcelona?

People seem receptive despite all the tourism there is. Here in Santa Coloma and in Barcelona people are very nice, receptive and especially patient with my Spanish.

Well, apart from Spanish you are learning Catalan ...

Yes, I have classes twice a week. I like to learn languages, and as I had the opportunity to have classes I took advantage of it.

What do you like most about living here?

What I like the most is to be living on my own. It is the first time that I do not live with my parents or with my family, and only that is already a very great learning. Just the fact of buying food, washing clothes ... that kind of thing already teaches you a lot. Here in Barcelona I like the freedom I have. Public transport is very good, I can move without a car without any problem.

Why would you recommend people to participate in a European Voluntary Service?

It is an experience that is worth for a lifetime. Before this I had already made a short one in Latvia, and although I had a bad time, it was the best thing that could have happened to me because it has changed my life and my perspective. And here I am changing ideas that I did not think I would change. It gives you a completely different perspective of people, of society. Not only the culture, which is different, but how you can react in a way that you did not expect in different situations that you have never lived in your life. And you learn a lot with people and with the work you do. This is very important, especially at my age that people have no job. Here we have everything funded and that helps a lot.

If you want to follow Joana's steps, do not hesitate to take a look at our European Volunteering Services and our Exchanges and Formations in the following links!





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