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"Increasing Quality of YW", exchange in Macedonia

"Increasing Quality of YW", exchange in Macedonia

Erasmus + experience in Macedonia. From June 17 to 26, Sarah, Ágata, Said, Carlos, Onhilda and Mónica represented MUNDUS in the Arktos youth exchange and VCS (Volunteers Center of Skopje) "Increasing Quality of Youth Work" that took place in Brajcino, next to Prespa lake (Macedonia). Sarah Gil has taken care of moving us to her experience through text and photos.

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"Second parts never was good". "It is better not to repeat to keep the first experience." "You don't have to give second chances." These are the phrases that pray those who feel fear of change.

I could have gone anywhere else (or nowhere), but fate (called MUNDUS) put that magical place in my way, Macedonia, one year after the first time, the one that started me in the Erasmus + world. It may have had a special meaning for me, or it may have simply been special. This time it was Brajcino, a town near Greece, on the border with Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki). How wonderful border tourism and how contrasts are appreciated.

I could spend hours describing every detail: the sound of the river, the smiles and the astonished face of the locals, the coolness of the grass, the fires in the lake ... I could also make a million photographs: the sunset and the dawn in the middle of an infinite lake, hugs, conversations between people of six different nationalities with so many things in common and so much to teach. But none of that could faithfully convey everything like living the experience yourself.

The feeling of returning home having helped in issues as controversial as youth vulnerability, the environment, the future of peoples like Brajcino, and becoming aware of the importance of making these issues known for the world to collaborate.

Visits to Ohrid, Dupeni Beach, Resen, tractor trips, workshops, photographs, hiking ...
the rock concert ... These moments change you: in Macedonia there is a piece of my heart, but also in Belgium, Croatia, Latvia, Greece ... as well as in other cities in Spain, with my team, my Spanish Team, those incredible people I didn't know and now I miss them.

These opportunities are unique in life. Do not let them escape, Find your project, become body and soul and leave a bit of your heart in it.


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