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“Restorative Me”, Erasmus + course on Restorative Justice

“Restorative Me”, Erasmus + course on Restorative Justice

Santiago Gutiérrez, de Cáceres, 28 years:

“I can describe my experience with this course as incredible, both personally and professionally.

On the one hand we have been a group of about 25 people, including coaches, and there has been no discord, there were some who spoke more and others less, each in their own way, but in general there was a desire to understand and have fun. I've made good friends in a week and although we slept, ate and did everything together I didn't get tired as I would have thought. It has also opened my eyes a little more with regard to European diversity. I have known people for the first time in the farthest north of Europe and I have seen that the views are many and mixed together. Doing so many group exercises also joined us, we had some tense moment due to the implication that some exercises required but nothing abnormal, better so the lack of conflict due to passivity or disinterest.

On the other hand, the most professional part I have also seen covered, although it is true that sometimes the information was too general and not very new for me I have to understand that it was necessary for those who were more “green” could understand from the beginning. I also missed more exercises more focused on restorative justice more complex, in the vast majority of cases the exercises were quick and simple. Some speakers were very helpful, I get a lot of knowledge and the desire to continue learning thanks to them.

Speaking of the logistics part, we were in a normal hostel, the basic covered amenities and conference rooms with all the material we need. The food was not good, but then we saw that it was not the hostel ... it was the country. However, as in the other sections, the final feeling is positive.

In conclusion, an incredible experience where I have learned a lot, both from the country that has welcomed me, from other European countries through its people. We have been able to implement relational methodologies while studying them, and be more aware of how conflicts are created and can be managed. As I could say, we must sharpen the requirements of the people accepted since there were some who were not especially interested in the subject and that could delay the general learning a bit. ”

Sara Lázaro, Valladolid, 24 years:

“Restorative. I chose restorative as the key word to define the training at the end of the same in one of ours group-dynamics.And it wasn´t lack of imagination, but I thought it was the closest concept to what I wanted to mean.After different kind of life-experiences, this was really restorative. An intense, creative, participative and intercultural week sourrounded by active and inquiring minds was really restorative.

Get in contact with experienced people who kindly gave us their knowledge, perspectives and experience was also restorative. Sharing, laughing, meeting and creating is obvious is restorative too.

Everybody needs a period to explore, to be inspired, to grow and learn, to give feed-back, to experience, live and bring it. It was really a good chance for me. I feel lucky and I just can say thank you to all the parts involved in this

María Morgade,  A Coruña, 27 years:

“Well, Restorative It has been a great experience, an opportunity to learn more about what restorative justice is and how to carry out a mediation process. We had the opportunity to spend a week with great people from Croatia, Latvia, Macedonia, Italy and Belgium, to learn more about the opportunities offered by Erasmus +, and to enjoy the beautiful city of Leuven. It has certainly been worth it! ”

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