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"Empower Vulnerable Youth: Theater, Creative Writing and Emotions in Focus", TC in Macedonia

"Empower Vulnerable Youth: Theater, Creative Writing and Emotions in Focus", TC in Macedonia

Erasmus + project in Macedonia. In October, we sent Anna, Emma, Paula and Rocío to the "Empower Vulnerable Youth: Theater, Creative Writing and Emotions in Focus" training course, which took place during a week in Struga (Macedonia). Upon their return, they have sent us some photos, stories and impressions that they have collected in this testimony. Discover how this course on theater and emotions was as a means of empowering the most vulnerable youth.

Our experience could be summed up in three concepts: constant learning, self-discovery and an inspiring group.

We have had the opportunity to learn by sharing; It has been a unique occasion, in which we have put all our energy into working with one of the most vulnerable communities in society. We have had the opportunity to see how our views crossed, expand our resources to work on emotions, manage differences and generate safe spaces for any girl, boy and / or teenager.

Having enjoyed our time there with such inspiring people, where we have been able to listen to various experiences, makes us learn from ourselves, being able to reconstruct our goals. Informal moments, dedicated to sharing both professional experiences and personal stories, have helped us unlearn and discover that there are new things that we are passionate about, of which we want more.

The axis of everything was always such interesting people around us: these people have made the experience worthwhile. Lucky us, since our “Spanish team” has been a great source to learn from; collaborating with each other has always been easy and we will surely have great opportunities in the future. The intercultural team that has been created in Macedonia is exciting; The desire to know more and to constantly reinvent oneself is seen with the naked eye. It has been a few days, but they have been very intense: always with the emotions to the surface, Struga became a place of reflection and freedom. There, feeling insecure and vulnerable was fine, we could be ourselves without falling into beliefs or old routines, we could act with illusion, as if we were girls ... And always letting people, looks, moments ... touch us and mark our skin.

This marking, which is the perfect way to explore naked corners, has also served us to be aware of all the space that we still have free to tattoo future experiences. And you, dare to stimulate the spirit through the epidermis?

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