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Carla, EVS in Romania: “It has been much better than I expected”

13/02/2017 Volunteering
Carla, EVS in Romania: “It has been much better than I expected”

“My EVS is coming to an end, and with this begins the fear of what awaits me later and the sadness of having to say goodbye to this experience and all that entails, leaving behind a place and the people you have met here .

It has been only five months, but it seems that time is intensifying here. We all know that we are in this experience for a limited time, and we have to squeeze it to the fullest, so all the plans that come up, plans that you would probably never do in your country, here is time to join. Travel, parties, intercultural evenings, theaters, sporting events ... no matter what you sign up for everything.

I remember when they told me that I had been selected to participate in this project, I could not imagine everything that I would live here. It has been much better than I expected.

At first I doubted enough whether to mess with my head and come or not. Typically, different prejudices about the country, and many negative comments from my friends and family about going to Romania to do an EVS, which most people do not know what it is. But certain opportunities appear once in a lifetime and it is better to take them than not to be left with the doubts that would have happened if…. In addition, this project appeared in a moment of existential emptiness in my life (one of many), I did not know very well what to do with my life, I liked the project a lot and I saw it as a type of signal and I said these things now or never. So I got down to work, bought my ticket, packed my bags and in two weeks I was flying to Romania without knowing very well what was waiting for me here.

A lot of things have happened, I have visited 5 countries, I have traveled all over Transylvania, I have done auto-stop (something that in Spain is quite unthinkable), I have met people from more than 15 different nationalities, many of whom have now become In friends, I have driven with a rented car with broken lights from Romania to Serbia, I have learned to dance Sevillanas (only the first and second but something is something) and I have danced them in two intercultural events, I have tried many traditional food and drinks countries, I have participated in a canoe race and on a cross, I have traveled on eternal trains through Romania ... and a thousand other things that I am not going to write because I am not finished.

For all this now that my project is ending, and I have a month left here, I can't be happier about the decision I made.

Time has flown here, and I know that when I want to realize I will be on the plane flying to Spain. The truth is that five months have not been enough, I feel that I still have many things to do here and many places to visit. Not to mention besides that we have been here all winter with a cold that you like ... and we are left with the desire to see how it would be to spend the summer here, swimming pool, festivals, good weather and more trips without dying of cold so Soon as you leave the hostel door.

Small recommendation here, if you can choose do not travel in winter (especially December, January) to cold places because you do not enjoy the same place you travel, most of the time you are frozen wishing to get into a bar / hostel / hotel to avoid a hypothermia.

Despite this, this experience has been more than positive, I encourage everyone who is doubting whether to do an EVS or not to do it, that fear and doubts of the principle are normal but as soon as you arrive at your destination and start To get to know the people, you start with the project and build your life in the new country all those fears and doubts fade. In the end, the only thing he does is put on brakes and cut our wings.

I think that what you live and feel when you travel and live abroad is impossible to do in your country. This seems like a kind of parallel universe, a break in your real life where everything is possible, people are much more open to everything, it is a different context from your real life in which you don't have a fixed routine, every day It is different, you find yourself in situations that do not happen in your daily life normally, you make friends from many different countries, you live with other volunteers 24 hours, your friends and your family are far away from what you either wake up or wake up there is no longer " tuppers ”worth.

I think that when I am in Spain again this will seem like a dream, something that has never happened, but that has made me change as a person. See things from another point of view and think differently. ”

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