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This is Carla Valeria Martínez, VET project manager

22/12/2017 About
This is Carla Valeria Martínez, VET project manager

Carla Valeria Martínez is another of the new additions, also in the Erasmus + VET shipping team. You will find her in the office of Santa Coloma always working with her headphones and music. She is 25 years old and is from Barcelona since a lifetime. As an important fact, we would highlight that she likes unicorns very much. Keep reading and meet Carla!

Who is Carla?

Defining oneself is complicated, so I asked my friends, and they define me as someone outgoing, that I have a lot of optimism but sometimes I may seem a little insecure.

What is your role in Mundus?

Send students from different vocational schools abroad through Erasmus + VET scholarships, and help them discover other ways of life, practice and culture. See that there are many ways to do the same thing. These experiences break a bit with the established and make you grow with a more open and curious mind.

Personality test

A song you don't stand:

I feel love and hate for the songs of supermarkets like Mercadona or Lidl, what will they have? What mystery will there be?

Your favorite ice cream flavor:

Vanilla ice cream, although I have a weakness for the store next to my house that tastes like custard.

A book you would read again:

"The name of the wind", by Patrick Rothfuss.

Something you can't stand:

When someone scratches the fork with the plate and you hear that noise of death and destruction.

An unconfessable mania:

I like to keep the products in their original packaging. I almost always end up buying things for the colors and the design of the packaging, so why throw it away? That is what I say to myself.

An indispensable work tool:


A destination to lose yourself:

I would surely lose myself in Japan for all the things I would like to see. Besides, I think I would go crazy because everything would get my attention. By the way I would get lost in any place where there is nature, with my bicycle or walking, but always to my roll.

If you were an animal what would you be? Why?

I have always wanted to be agile and jump here and there. So I wish I could jump like a monkey among the trees, be agile like a cat and run like a Thomson's gazelle.


To get lost in the mountains, talk about Japan or VET projects, you can contact Carla at carla.valeria@asociacionmundus.com

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