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This is Paula Lázaro, responsible for VET sending Zaragoza

02/03/2018 About
This is Paula Lázaro, responsible for VET sending Zaragoza

Paula, 31, a native of origin, inveterate and passionate traveler of the sparrows, is the culprit that the students of Aragón formative cycles leave Erasmus to do their internships abroad. She started working at the Zaragoza office a little over three months ago, and among the students she is already famously known as "Paula Mundus". Want to know more?

What is your role in Mundus?

They call me VET Mobility Manager, what comes to be VET Shipping from Aragon.

Personality test:

A song you can't stand?

Any reggaeton. I hate reggaeton.

Your favorite ice cream flavor?

Vanilla with caramel macadamia nuts (Ñami)

A book you would read again:

Well, someone who has forgotten me that I have already read.

Something you can't stand?

People who don't know how to be still and don't stop making noises (moving their legs, tapping the table with their fingers ...) But what need?

An unconfessable mania:

If I tell you one, it will be a lie, because if I say it, it is because it is not unconfessable, and I do not like to lie ...

An indispensable work tool:

The post-its (and the pen to write down in the post-it, because if not the post-it doesn't help me, go)

A destination to lose yourself:

I'm worth so many ... But without mobile or pending tasks. And without post-its.

If you were an animal what would you be? Why?

The platypus, because the platypus are cool (together an otter with a duck, and you give it a poisonous spur. Cool)

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