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"Volunteering: Step forward to Entrepreneurship and Employability", a seminar in Macedonia

"Volunteering: Step forward to Entrepreneurship and Employability", a seminar in Macedonia

Sara and Luis have been at the seminar "Volunteering: Step forward to Entrepreneurship and Employability", which was held at the end of November in Struga (Macedonia). This mobility was the second part of a project that aimed to generate support tools for European volunteers in the field of entrepreneurship and youth employability. On the way back, Sara, one of our friends with more experience in Erasmus + youth projects, has shared with us her experience. Thank you very much, Sara!



The experience in the Step Forward to Entrepenurship and Employability seminar has been very good. For a week we have shared ideas and projects with ex-volunteers and future volunteers, something that has been fantastic for being able to see contrast of experiences, and we have analyzed what it means to undertake in the third sector.

In general, I believe that this type of seminars and training courses make you grow in a professional and personal way. Non-formal education is the most powerful weapon I know because it allows you to develop your creativity, think about new ideas for the development of your community, new ways of communicating and forces you to learn in a flexible and dynamic way. Also, it is able to create strong bonds through emotions because you not only expand your network of contacts, but make friends throughout Europe.

In my case, this seminar has helped me a lot to turn the concept of entrepreneur and volunteer and I am grateful for that, because if I had not gone, I would not have deepened so much in the meaning. I have lived an experience where my contradictions have clashed again and that makes me grow and makes me live completely transformative moments. I believe that the volunteer must be the person destined to create a good impact in society where they need it while developing new personal and professional skills. Likewise, the third sector entrepreneur must solve social problems and not generate needs to meet a social demand of a generation that has grown in a globalized world. It cannot be that 'volunteering' becomes a business that ends up creating devastating consequences for the host community. To this day, I recognize that on many occasions I have seen that it has not been so and that we must fight to reverse it.

Again, I add a few more grams of knowledge and experience in my life thanks to a wonderful teamwork. Thank you!

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