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"C4C - Communication for Cooperation", Erasmus + course in Lisbon

"C4C - Communication for Cooperation", Erasmus + course in Lisbon

From October 8 to 14, Tere and Julián filled their suitcase with enthusiasm and desire to learn, and went to Lisbon to participate in the training course "C4C - Communication for Cooperation". The objective of the course, organized by Ha Moment, was to improve skills in cooperation and communication in the field of youth internationally. They shared a unique learning space with participants from Finland, Norway, Greece, Italy ... But what better way to tell the protagonists?

Julian's Testimony:

Day 1: Uncertainty.

Day 2: Curiosity.

Day 3: Emotion

Day 4: Partners.

Day 5: Half-life friends.

Day 6: Do not leave.

Day 7: I miss you.

A dozen countries. Seven days in Lisbon. Meeting, recognition, cooperation, communication activities. Reflections to understand that learning is living, and vice versa.

Beyond the training content proposed by the trainers, the real learning was in sharing experiences with the rest of the partners. We went from a first encounter between shy conversations, to dancing like crazy with the Portuguese neighbors in the streets, in the viewpoints, in the shops of the neighborhood and throughout the city.

Among the most significant lessons learned from the experience was the discovery of knowing that my communication has not always been non-violent, that there are certain risks in expressing ourselves that put us on the side of the aggressor without realizing it. I also discovered how easy it is to trust who you don't know if you look him in the eye and share his secrets, knowing that he will keep them in the same way that you will keep his. I saw myself many times in the middle of conversations that had taken a long time to arrive in other contexts; here, two days were enough to entrust to the other our illusions and our knowledge.

The experience of knowing the associations with which our colleagues worked was also valuable. The association market was the ideal time to build inter-institutional solidarity ties between the associations we were running. Likewise, knowing parts of the culture of each of the invited countries, including representative gastronomy, was an experience that aroused the desire to travel to different places still unexplored.

In short, it has been an enriching and fruitful experience. I am grateful for the moments lived, the shared learning, the value that is given to the small things that make up what we call life.

Tere's Testimony:

Arriving in Lisbon was an opportunity of those that occur rarely in life. C4C - Communication for Cooperation considered a unique possibility of sharing a learning and exchange space with people from different countries: from Finland to Greece, from Norway to Italy ... In this mix we find a learning space in which knowledge does not They are simple theory, but reflection and participation of all.

If this course had anything, it was that the organizers had taken care of every detail so that everything was perfect, so that we all felt comfortable and welcomed. Much of the blame for the success of C4C is Ha Moment, especially Olga and Laris, the trainers who paid attention to absolutely all the details of the training.

But in addition, this training led us to explore the streets of Lisbon, to know its corners as only locals know and to live and exchange experiences with a team of people who, like me, went to learn and share how to improve our coordination and communication.

Participating in this experience has changed me, it has made me grow as a person, but above all what I am left with is the feeling of having met people who carry out good and interesting projects in their countries and localities. Perhaps, now, dreaming that we are moving towards a better world is no longer so difficult.

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