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[Santaco EVS] March: "Potato Chips and Cakes"

06/04/2018 About
[Santaco EVS] March: "Potato Chips and Cakes"

Hey, we are the volunteers, again. We will be here until August, then you will have to get used to hearing from us. We are everywhere, in four youth centers in Santa Coloma and in one in Barcelona; We are invading your Instagram and Facebook (@evs_santacoloma) with articles and photos. We will become so much in your life that you will love us, yes or yes. This month we have not been for a week; Surely you felt our absence in the windy streets of Santa Cold (as we call Santa Coloma).

The first big news is that Sa’ri, the Hungarian volunteer, has returned from India where she went to a Bollywood wedding. He works at the Obert Moises Center with children and young people and has a great passion for analog photography and yoga. Stay tuned because it seems to have a lot in mind. He is already organizing a workshop in which children will create and become their own superhero, choosing their super powers and their costume.

Nico went on an excursion with the youth of Center Obert Rialles and has painting works in mind. The center's facade will soon turn colors, as will the hands and faces of the children involved in the project.

Guillaume is also starting new activities and workshops in Mans a les Mans. Ed Sheeran lovers are learning to play the guitar and he will involve everyone in the creation of the center song. Participants love their proposals, but they are not too happy when the time comes for homework. Headaches arise out of nowhere and any joke becomes the perfect excuse to avoid work. During one of these not-so-fun sessions, Guillaume has become "Screenplay." It is marked.

Selin still has some trouble communicating, which is great. We could not laugh so much if it were not so. His last story: he was painting with a girl but it seems that he did not choose the colors as she wanted. The girl made a super angry face and gave her a "little beating." A seven-year-old girl bullying Selin is something we all wanted to see.

I (Rebecca), well, I have the privilege of writing this report about us and offering you a couple of eyes through which to take a look at the lives of five European volunteers.

We haven't been for a week, as I mentioned before. We were in Comarruga, a beach town in southern Catalonia, participating in the formation upon arrival. It's basically a week of activities to make you understand what exactly it means to be a European Volunteer. 25 people from about 10 different countries who speak 12 different languages ​​talking about their experience and discussing human rights, the crisis in Europe and the political situation in several countries. The atmosphere we created was undoubtedly very stimulating. They taught us how we can have an active role in our project and things started to make sense. You can go to the supermarket to see what's there and go out with a bag of chips because you passed by or you can decide to make a cake and look for the ingredients. You can bring cakes to your friends or eat it alone and become fat. We are still preparing the dough of our cake, our project. Sometimes you feel that everything is going to fall apart and you want to abort the mission, but suddenly something comes that makes you change your perspective. It's true, sometimes all you need is a bit of motivation. I will make ice cream. Want to join?

-Motivation, Benjamin Booker


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