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RSA certificate

Asociación Mundus is certified with the RSA Seal, a certification created by the Government of Aragon with the aim of promoting Corporate Social Resonsability among freelancers, companies and all types of public and private organisations of the autonomous region of Aragon, to implement socially responsible practices.

Decalogue of the Social Responsibility Plan of Aragon:

  1. CONSENSUS: Generated by unanimous agreement between the social agents and Government of Aragon, creating the RS Board of Aragon.
  2. INCLUSIVE: Valid for all types of companies, with emphasis for the freelances as a pioneering initiative
  3. SELF-EVALUATION: During the diagnoses phase, all companies have to evaluate their SCR management.
  4. PERSONALISED REPORT: All companies with the certificate receive anual recommendations to improve the Social Responsibility of the company or organisation.
  5. TRANSPARENCY: All information on the management of companies that benefit from the RSA plan will be published
  6. PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ASSESMENT: The recognition as Socially Responsible in Aragon may be taken into account in public bidding and contracting.
  7. PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT: Companies and public bodies are going to join the Plan with the aim of implementing CSR in the public sector of Aragon
  8. CONSUMER DEFENSE: Companies that provide services or sell products directly to consumers, will commit to adhere to the Consumer Arbitration System.
  9. DISSEMINATION AND VISIBILITY: Those applicants that the Social Responsibility Board of Aragón validates, will receive the "Socially Responsible in Aragon" Seal and may register in the register of socially responsible societies, and must renew the commitment annually
  10. GOOD PRACTICES: Among the holders of the "Socially Responsible in Aragon" seal, good practices, referents and innovators will be rewarded through the award granted by the Government of Aragon, publicly recognizing excellence in the management of self-employed workers, SMEs and big enterprises.