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Testimonio Nicole Abello | 20 años

First of all, Erasmus+ for me is a wonderful and a life changing experience. Living abroad and working in a sector that you love but in a different way is something that you will never ever forget. The pleasure of Erasmus+ doesn’t begin when you start your Erasmus; it starts earlier, on the very first day you get notified of the fact that you were accepted into the programme.

“Going abroad for me is a huge boost of my mind, spirit and selfesteem: and to get ready to make the best out of this experience”.

Being abroad to have an internship in the first place was difficult because you don’t know the people whom are you working with but as the time goes by, once you get immersed in the local lifestyle, everything immediately becomes easier. You get to know better the people you are with, better food, and wonderful memories.

The best and the most unforgettable experience of this Erasmus+ aside from the non-stop laughs and bonding with the girls and the non-stop visiting of night views, is to have worked with the most inspiring, a kindhearted and a down to earth Doctor. Because it was really rewarding. In addition to sharpening my skills, working in direct contact with the patients, and maturing professionally like learning to handle situations in under pressure, have a first move always, learn to communicate with the others and learn in your errors, I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a great group of people and it was a pleasure to learn a lot of things and to have been part of the coolest team which I considered as a family.

In particular, I am extremely thankful to this Doctor for trusting me to handle utmost of his patients because he allowed me the freedom in developing my skills and boost my self-esteem, with the positive comments of the patients.

For me Erasmus+ has been a wonderful and an unforgettable experience. It has changed me a lot and I will surely repeat this experience once I will have the opportunity again and last but not the least, it gained me a lot of confidence and I am truly ready for what life has store in me.


Nicole Abello